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Antique Carousel Horse


cavalier corporation coca cola cooler Serial #172848

1934 Westinghouse Coca Cola VINTAGE Vending Coke Soda Machine C42-T WG-42-

The WC-42Ts were manufactured from the early to mid-1950s. This model has “Ice Cold” embossed on the door and “Here’s a Coke For You” embossed on the sides. We believe this is the only upright soda vending machine to have had this side embossing. Very Rare

Compact Disc & Records   Jukebox

Antique Carousel Horse


Used Coin Operated 45 RPM and CD Jukeboxes For Sale in very good working condition for businesses and home game rooms. We have used Rowe/AMI CD jukeboxes and a few Rowe/AMI 200 selection 45 rpm jukeboxes available. Each jukebox comes loaded with 100 quality cds or 45 rpm records. The CDs alone would cost $1000 or more. These jukeboxes can be used in commercial businesses as a great income producer while providing music for customers. They fit well in lounges, campgrounds, laundry mats, restaurants, youth centers or any place people gather. Jukeboxes are also becoming a staple for home game rooms and will become the center of your musical entertainment. They are easy to operate and provide a place to store and have easy access to your record or CD collection. Simply select the two digit CD number and track selection to play your favorite song. Each song selected is stored in memory and played back in order selected or in number sequence. These jukeboxes can be set to play free or used with coins.  Own your own  CD jukebox now while they are still available. There has never been a better time to purchase a used jukebox and the amount of enjoyment they will provide for you and your family is immeasurable. Call us at 845-856-4440 for a shipping quote or to order one  of these jukeboxes.

Coca Cola Machine

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This Jute Box holds 100 45 rpm rocords

Give us a call as we have many pre-owned units

Rowe Compact Disc Player

Mower Caddy Trailer

The Jacobsen Mower CaddyTM is designed with the operator in mind. This rugged and versatile trailer features a new drive-on ramp and simple latching mechanism that make it easier than ever to load walking greens mowers on and off so you can get the job done in less time.

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Jacobsen mower trailer

The Rowe CD-100E has a 250 watt internal amplifier and holds 100 compact discs.

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100 CDs Plays Great Coin Op or free play

Eclipse Hybrid
Jacobsen  walking greens mower
Jacobsen Mower (1)
Jacobsen Mower (5)
Jacobsen Mower (2)
Jacobsen Mower (3)
golf cart trailer
golf cart trailer
golf cart trailer

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 Jacobsen  walking greens mower ECLIPSE2 122 Hybrid and Electric.

The patented true floating head allows the lowest heights of cut without scalping, even on the most undulating greens, and a wide array of frequency of cut (FOC) 
settings combine to produce a smooth and consistent playing surface. The Eclipse2 features a true automotive differential, which provides superior tracking by 
driving the traction drum from one point, making it easier to track straight across the green.  Other mowers may have two belts or chains, which require adjustment 
to track straight.

The Eclipse2 delivers industry leading productivity with a maximum mow speed up to 6.1 km/h (3.8) mph while maintaining the tightest frequency of clip. The mowing
 speed can be set by the course manager or technician through a PIN-protected menu on the Eclipse2’s InCommand control system.  The transport speed has been
 increased to 8 km/h (5 mph), making it quicker to move between greens and counter-balance springs in the handle ensure that the cutting reel sits ‘true on the turf’ 
when the operator grasps the handle. The Eclipse2 has the highest productivity of any walking greens mower on the market.

On the hybrid version, with a Honda petrol engine powering a 48-volt generator, the engine has now been mounted through 180 degrees giving a better balance
 to the machine and also making starting easier, presenting the pull cord directly in front of the operator. The mounting slots for the generator and battery pack 
have been extended giving greater flexibility to increase or decrease the weight on the front roller.  This allows the course manager to determine the aggressiveness 
of the cutting unit on the fixed head version and helps ease of turning on the floating head model. This is a feature exclusive to Eclipse walking greens mowers.

Ease of maintenance has been improved with adjusters more accessible without removing covers and by making covers easier to remove, when needed. Other
maintenance features include no clutches to adjust and onboard backlapping.

From an operator’s standpoint, the Eclipse2 features the lightest weight handle, a repositioned pull start and a new kickstand. The LCD screen size has been
increased to make it easier to read and the kickstand has been improved to provide easier operation. These features will help reduce operator fatigue and result 
in a better quality-of-cut.


IRON DUKE TRAILER for utility golf cart vehicle

Professionally Restored 1941 Gilbarco Gas Pump Model # 996-1W serial# 10805

     This was a working pump at Wurtsboro Airport, Wurtsboro NY. since new.

     This pump has topped  Christopher Reeve's  Beechcraft Baron a few times.

                                   ESSO Aviation        {This pump is a rare find)

Lola T506 Formula One Indy Car

Used at Action Park  amusement park  Vernon,NJ (One of 67 Built by LOLA)



cigarette machine for sale

Cigarette Machine

This is a great working machine that take coins and bills


Soviet SSh-40 Steel Helmet 
This was the principal helmet design used by the Soviet Union during the Great Patriotic War.
 It was produced from 1940 through 1960. This helmet design features three pads made from oil-cloth. 


Bobby Thomson Autographed Baseball Bat

Hand Signed "The Shot Heard Round The World" Oct.3,1951

He hand signed this bat for me at a fundraiser 1994

2017 COMIC CON NYC Back Drop  8x30'

 Autographed Baseball Hat

Hand Signed: Floyd,Tracy,Janet and Janene Patterson-Mark Moseley-Reggie Harris

They hand signed this hat for me at a fundraiser 6/21/1994

Used Snow Plow with elec winch 82"

Some Photos i found online

We have some terms from the 2018 Comic Con NYC  Event

Printed on heavy rolled Vinyl contact material

syfy comic con 2018 nyc
Leitner Ski Lift Gondola

Leitner Ski Lift Gondola

Fibercar Piacenz  Bruno Giardino

syfy comic con 2018 nyc
syfy comic con 2018 nyc
Leitner Ski Lift Gondola
Leitner Ski Lift Gondola
Bubble Gum Machines
Bubble Gum Machines

Bubble Gum Machines

skill crane


Jacobs Aircraft Engine Coffee Table

Jacobs Aircraft Engine Coffee Table

New Winegard  G2 Portable Satellite TV Antenna RV

New Winegard GM-6000 G2 Portable Antenna RV

Touchmaster 5000 Video Game  Coin or Free Play

Touchmaster 5000 Video Game  Coin or Free Play

The Jacobs R-755(company designation L-4) was a seven-cylinder, air-cooled, radial engine for aircraft manufactured in the United States by the Jacobs Aircraft Engine Company.[1]

Design and development

The R-755 was first run in 1933 and was still in production in the 1970s. With a boreand stroke of 5.25 in × 5 in (133 mm × 127 mm) the displacement was 757 cu in (12.4 L), power ranged from 200 hp to 350 hp (150 kW - 260 kW). The engine features steel cylinders with aluminum-alloy cylinder heads. An R-755Evariant was developed for use in helicopters.

ski lift fibercar
ski lift fibercar

SEEBURG Wall-O-Matic

Remote jukebox Consolette circa 1950's

SEEBURG 100 Wall-O-Magic
medal stairs

Metal Stairs with Rails

14' Long 32" wide steps every 8" can remove railds


Sears Antique China Cabinet

Optimus-1 Polisher
Optimus-1 Polisher

Optimus-1 Polisher



Pin Ball Harlem Globetrotters

Bally Harlem Globetrotters Pin Ball

piano for sale
piano for sale
piano for sale
piano for sale


Ho Hung Ming Automatic Riverter

Antique metal toy car

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Super Tow Dolly 

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