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LSV Cargo Truck In-Stock 


Multi-Purpose, All-Electric LSV

The Club Car Current  LSV is the compact all-electric vehicle designed for your campus. Ideal for low-speed logistics and cargo services, it has the agility and versatility that’s essential in a campus or urban environment, filling the gap between full-sized trucks and small utility carts.

These vehicles are perfect for: Air Ports,Malls,Schools,Fire Departments, Ambulance Services, Universities, Casinos, organizations who plan or do services for public events, Colleges, Stadiums, Amusement Parks, a Zoo, Military Bases, Academies, and many more... please call Bruno 845-649-3584

411 LSV Utility Vehicle


The Current UTILITY is a compact all-electric, low-speed utility vehicle for urban logistics and cargo services.
A robust and versatile vehicle, the Club Car Current fills an important void in the commercial market and can handle
various jobs at an affordable price.

With a unique and versatile compact design, it is an agile utility vehicle capable of a broad range of uses and applications.

Top Speed: Up to 25 MPH
Vehicle Payload: 1,100 lbs
72 volt AC drivetrain
50 mile range 
Street Legal LSV
Bluetooth infotainment and phone system 
Backup camera 
Heater and fan system 
Alloy wheels 
Adjustable automotive style seats 
LED daytime running lights 
Digital speedometer 
Rear Van Box
Power steering 

The Current utility vehicle offers three bed options to best suit the work you need to get done.
Choose from a flatbed, pickup configuration with sides, or a full van box with 123 square feet 
of cargo room and a half-ton payload capacity

In addition to its cargo capacity, The Current UTV sports numerous other features designed to get the
job done efficiently and  comfortably. Power-assist steering and 4-wheel hydraulic disc brakes mean
better handling and control and the standard backup camera, cabin heat and ventilation, and LCM display 
make it a dream to drive. 

Options like a GPS locator, a vehicle management system with alerts, and geofencing mean you’ll 
get more than just work out of your Current  UTV, you’ll also get information vital to manage your fleet. 


All LSV vehicles must meet all U.S. federal safety standards (FMVSS 500) which require a registered VIN number, automotive safety windshield glass, safety belts, turn signals, headlamps, brake lights, horn, mirrors, reflex reflectors, a parking brake and a rear view camera. They also must meet state and local laws which can include windshield wipers and warning beacons.

In addition to federal, local and state laws the Society of Automotive Engineers created a voluntary industry standard for LSVs with SAEJ2358 LSV. This voluntary safety standard includes additional detailed requirements.

Club Car LSVs meet not only FMVSS500 LSV standards but also fully comply with the more stringent automotive SAEJ2358 standards with the inclusion of Occupant Protective Structures on all cars.

Street legal low-speed vehicle

As a low-speed vehicle compliant with U.S. and Canadian safety standards, the Current LSV comes with a VIN and once registered, can be driven on roads posted 35 mph or less. It meets safety standards and comes equipped with safety glass, three-point seatbelts, windshield wipers, and more.

current club car lsv truck

One Available NOW

current club car lsv truck
current club car lsv truck
current club car lsv truck

power to perform, economically

The Current LSV’s powerful all-electric motor has the range to handle a full day’s work and recharge overnight. And with options like a GPS locator, geofencing, and a vehicle management system, you get full control over how and where it is used.

Club Car 411 LSV

Pickup Model

Club Car 411 LSV
Club Car 411 LSV
LSV 411 Vehicle Electric
Club Car 411 LSV
Club Car 411 LSV
Club Car 411 LSV
LSV 411 Vehicle Electric
411 TommyGate
Ladder rack

Comforts That Get the Job Done

The Current LSV replaces a full-sized truck, but it doesn’t leave the comforts behind. Unlike many utility vehicles, the Current sports lockable doors, a back-up camera, radio, and the real music to your crew’s ears, ventilation and heat. 

411 LSV Electric Truck
411 LSV Electric Truck
411 LSV Electric Truck
Club Car 411 Electric Truck
Club Car 411 LSV Pick up Electric
Club Car 411 LSV Pick up Electric
Club Car 411 LSV Truck
Club Car 411 LSV Truck

Flat Bed Model

Club Car 411 LSV Truck
Club Car 411 LSV Truck

Pickup Model

Club Car 411 LSV Truck
Club Car 411 LSV Truck

Van Box Model

Vehicle Specifications for Current LSV (gel electric)

Length 146 in. / 370.8 cm / 12’ 2”
Width 55 in. / 139.7 cm / 4’ 7”
Height 75 in. / 190.5 cm / 6’ 3”
Curb Weight (Flat Bed) 2,039 lbs / 924 kg
Curb Weight (Pick Up) 2,090 lbs / 948 kg
Curb Weight (Van Box) 2,200 lbs. / 997 kg
Payload (Flat Bed) 850 lbs / 386 kg
Payload (Pick Up) 795 lbs / 360 kg
Payload (Van Box) 685 lbs. / 310 kg
Top Speed Up to 25 mph / 40 km/h
Grade Up to 22%
Turning Radius 157 in. / 3.9 m / 13’ 1”
Acceleration 0 - 20 mph in > 6 seconds / 0 - 32 km/h in > 6 seconds
Braking Distance 25 ft. @ 25 mph / 7.6 m @ 40 km/h / Best in Class
Range Up to 50 mi. / 80 km
Recharge Up to 6-8 hours / 110V/15A
Warranty - Vehicle 2 years*
Warranty - Batteries 2 years*
Backup Camera Standard
LCM Display Standard / 7 in. / 17.7 cm
Parking Brake - Manual Standard
Body Panels Reinforced ABS / Corrosion-resistant
Cabin Air Heating + Ventilation
Motor 10 Kw
Horsepower 13.4 HP
Motor Controller 240A AC Controller
Drive System 2-wheel Rear Wheel Drive
Dimensions (Flat Bed) 47.5 in. / 120.6 cm Wide / 88 in. / 223.5 cm Length
Dimensions (Pick Up) 53.25 in. / 135.8 cm Wide / 90 in. / 228.6 cm Length
Dimensions (Van Box) 53.5 in. / 135.8 cm Wide / 88 in. / 223.5 cm Length
Cargo Box Volume (Van Box) 123 sq. ft. / 11.43 sq. m
Battery Type VRLA (120 Ah)
Voltage 72V
Number of Batteries 6
Capacity 8.64 kWh
Chassis Reinforced Steel / Coated
Suspension Front: Transverse Leaf Spring / Rear: Horizontal Spring with Coil-over Shock
Brakes Disc / 4-wheel, Hydraulic
Steering Power Assist

411 walk around electric truck
411 walk around electric truck
411 walk around electric truck
411 walk around electric truck
411 walk around electric truck
411 walk around electric truck
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