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The finest golf, utility and transportation vehicles in the industry

The finest golf, utility and transportation vehicles in the industry

Every detail of design, fabrication and assembly at Club Car is executed with an uncompromised desire for superior performance. The manufacture of quality products is paramount to the employees of Club Car and has been the driving force behind the company for over 50 years. The company's relationship with its customers is equally important: its worldwide distribution network includes over 600 distributors, dealers and factory branch locations. Based in Augusta, Georgia, Club Car is part of worldwide Ingersoll Rand.

Ingersoll Rand is a global diversified industrial firm providing products, services and solutions to transport and protect food and perishables, secure homes and commercial properties, and enhance industrial productivity and efficiency. Driven by a 100-year-old tradition of technological innovation, we enable companies and their customers to create progress.

Club Car's golf, utility and transportation vehicles are recognized as industry leaders in efficiency and long-lasting value. Today, more than 40 base models with applications in golf course, grounds maintenance, industrial, commercial and recreational markets are available.

Club Car repeatedly leads the industry, a fact many attribute to the company's winning style and state-of-the-art engineering. The preparation Club Car has made for tomorrow will serve you well today and in the years to come.

Club Car was founded in the early to mid 1950s in Dallas, Texas.   Bill Stevens bought the rights to the golf car and moved the manufacturing facility to Augusta, Georgia, where he lived.  

Stevens eventually sold out to Johns Manville Company and then in 1978 Club Car was sold again to a group of investors that included Billy Dolan and seven other top managers from E-Z-GO.  They redesigned the golf car and in 1982 introduced the DS model which is still familiar today. They took a small company from back in the pack to become a world class manufacturer of golf and utility vehicles.

Originally making only a 36 volt electric car, Club Car branched off into making a gasoline 4-cycle golf car in 1984.  Internal improvements were hidden by a body design that did not change until 1993 when a minor alteration to the front cowl & headlights was made. The body material changed in ’93 to what Club Car calls “ArmorFlex”, a nearly indestructible thermoplastic resin.

Under the hood things were new.  In 1992 the old 341cc side valve Kawasaki engine was replaced by a new 286cc, 9hp Kawasaki overhead valve engine dubbed the FE 290 engine. In 1995 Club Car offered the first modern 48-volt power train for golf courses.  It employed six 8-volt batteries and had a unique on-board computer to control the charging process. Later that same year they offered a regenerative braking 48-volt system as well.  In the late 1990s Club Car eclipsed E-Z-GO as the best selling electric golf car in the world.  Since then Club Car has been bought out by Clark, the forklift company, and then Clark shortly thereafter was bought by Ingersoll Rand, which still owns Club Car to this day.

Caroche Golf Car

Club Car 1975-1980

The red 4-wheel car is the Club Car body style used from 1975 through 1979. The early models had bucket seats but later a bench bottom with individual backs was used (see picture).

The car features a 36 volt electric drive train (six 6-volt batteries) and four speed-control micro switches mounted under the center cup holder cutout in the dash. The four micro switches control the five solenoids located just behind the battery pack under the seat.

It has two brake pedals: One to stop the car, which is a hydraulic system with a master cylinder under the dash and a wheel cylinder in each rear wheel. The other brake pedal is the hill brake, located to the extreme left side of the pedal cluster, used to park the car on a slope. The hill brake is a cable activated system.

The motor is usually a BALDOR or GE brand and is mounted in line with the Terrell differential. The chassis is all aluminum.

Designer Dom Saporito in late 1980 introduced a stylish electric golf car with the model name DS, the designer’s initials.

Club Car DS 1981 – Up

Club Car made a body change in 1981 and the “DS” Model was introduced. This is essentially the same design that is seen today except for minor changes to the front cowl and recessed headlight design in 1993.

The insides have changed substantially over the years though. In 1984 the first Club Car gas car (with a side valve, 341 cc, 4 cycle, KF82 Kawasaki engine with a Fuji differential) was introduced. In 1988 the 5 solenoid speed control system was abandoned for the “V glide” resistor style speed switch that employed just one solenoid rather then the 5-solenoid array behind the battery pack.

Club Car left the old side valve gas engine to adopt the Kawasaki FE290 (290cc) overhead valve, 4 cycle gas engine in 1992. Club Car also converted their 36-volt electric cars to a Curtis electronic speed controller in 1992 and went to a Japanese-made self adjusting brake system as well.

In 1995 Club Car and Trojan Battery Co. co-developed the revolutionary 48-volt speed control system. Trojan built the only 8-volt deep cycle lead acid battery (at the time) and Club Car used six of them to power their car. 1996 saw the ‘regen’ 48 volt car offered for sale that electronically governed the top speed of the car.

Starting in the first week of 1997 Club Car changed the direction the Kawasaki gas engine from a counterclockwise rotation to a clockwise rotation (as viewed from the passenger side of the car).  This change also incorporated the Unitized Transaxle where the transmission and the differential now were a single unit, not separate components.  The engine still had a 290cc displacement but many internal engine parts, the driven clutch and starter/generator all changed with the direction of the engine.

Beginning in 2000 Club Car changed their top design and top support struts as well as the seat bottom and seat back cushions.  The old DS top supports were aluminum and now they were a powder-coated black.  The upper portion of the front top support formed a trapezoidal shape.  The seat back cushion changed from two individual cushions to a single bench-style cushion although the dual seat back cushion design remained an option.

The Club Car DS front and rear body panels were constructed of plastic and fiberglass, respectively. In 1993, Club Car redesigned the bodies and began constructing both the front and rear panels out of a material called ArmorFlex. ArmorFlex is thicker and stiffer than the materials used by other manufacturers. The result is a smoother appearance; however, this characteristic also makes the panels break, rather than bend, when hit in certain ways. Generally, ArmorFlex panels must withstand prolonged abuse before breaking.

2004 up  Club Car Precedent

On January 1, 2004, after nearly five years of research and development, Club Car introduced Precedent, a golf car that immediately set a new standard for performance, styling and comfort.

What Year Is My Club Car® Golf Cart?

Since 1981 Club Car® Golf Carts have positioned their serial numbers just under the glove box on the passengers side of the vehicle. The serial number of each vehicle is printed on a bar code decal. The two letters at the beginning of the serial number "A" indicate the vehicle model. The following four digits "B" indicate the model year and production week during which the vehicle was built. The six digits "C" following the hyphen represent the unique sequential number assigned to each vehicle built within a given model year. (See chart below to find your model.)


This Example Serial Number is for a (PH)Precedent I2 Excel (0901)Year-2009 Made the 1st Week (123456)Unique Number For This Particular Cart. 

On Club Car® Golf Carts prior to 1981, you can find the serial number by raising the seat and locating the aluminium, I-beam frame section closest to the batteries on the driver's side of the car. If the serial number plate has been removed, you can confirm it is a 1975-1980 model if it has two brake pedals and one accelerator pedal.

A    All DS Electric (prior to separation of models)                 LK    Limo Gas (Asian Market
AA    DS Electric Golf Car, 48v, electronic controller              LQ    Limo Electric, Manual Brake
AB    DS Electric Golf Car, 36v, V-Glide                                 LR    Limo Gas, Manual Brake
AC    DS Electric Golf Car, 48v, Regen                                   M    Villager 8 Electric (Electronic Controller)
AD    Pioneer 1200 Gas Utility                                               MA    Carryall 500 Gas
AE    Pioneer 900 Gas Utility                                                  MB    Carryall 550 Gas
AF    Café Express Utility                                                        MC    Carryall 300 Gas
AG    DS Gas Golf Car                                                            MD    Café Express
AH    Pioneer 1200SE Gas Utility                                           ME    Carryall 500 Electric
AQ    DS Electric Golf Car, Curtis IQ 48v Regen                    MF    Carryall 300 Electric
BD    Bobcat 2200 Diesel Utility Vehicle                                 MG    Villager 8 Gas
BE    Bobcat 2200 Gas Utility Vehicle                                     MH    Carryall 700 Electric
BF    Limo14 Electric 48v                                                        MJ    Transporter Electric
BG    Limo14 Electric 72v                                                       MK    Transporter Gas
BL    Bobcat 2100S Gas Utility                                                ML    Carryall 700 Gas
C    Industrial Electric Vehicle                                                MM    Carryall 550 Electric
CA    Limo6, IQ Plus                                                               N    Transporter, TransSender, Carryall 6 Electric
CB    Limo8, IQ Plus                                                               NG    Transporter, TransSender, Carryall 6 Gas
CC    Case IH Scout XL, Stretch                                           PD    Precedent i2L Excel
CD    NewHolland Rustler 120 UV, Stretch Diesel                PE    Precedent 4 Passenger Electric
CE    Champion Golf Electric                                                PF    Precedent 4 Passenger Gas
CF    Champion Golf Gas                                                     PG    Carryall 2 Plus Gas
CG    Industrial Gas Vehicle                                                 PH    Precedent i2 Excel
CH    Case IH Scout XL, Stretch                                          PJ    Precedent i2 4 Passenger Excel
CJ    Case IH Scout XL, Gas                                                PK    Precedent i2 L2 Excel with Limo Bag Attachment
CK    NewHolland Rustler 125 UV, Gas                               PP    Precedent i2 Excel Stretch
CL    Case IH Scout XL, Diesel                                            PQ    Precedent Professional Electric 48v with IQ Con
CM    NewHolland Rustler 120 UV, Diesel                           PR    Precedent Professional Gas
CN    NewHolland Rustler 125 UV, Stretch Gas                   PS    Precedent L2 Electric
CR    Case IH Scout, 4x2, Gas                                             PT    Precedent L2 Gas
CT    Case IH Scout, 4x4, Gas                                              PU    Precedent i2 Signature Excel
CU    NewHolland Rustler 115 UV, 4x2, Gas                         PV    Precedent i2 Signature 4-Passenger Excel
CV    NewHolland Rustler 115 UV, 4x4, Gas                        PW    Precedent Signature 4 Passenger Gas
CW    Case IH Scout, 4x4, Gas                                             PX    Precedent Signature 4 Passenger Excel
CX    NewHolland Rustler 115 UV, 4x4, Gas                         PY    Precedent Signature Gas Golf
CY    Case IH Scout XL, Homologated, Diesel                      PZ    Precedent Signature Electric Golf
CZ    NewHolland Rustler 120 Homologated, Diesel             QA    Carryall 1
D    Fairway Villager 4, Electric, Electronic Controller            QB    Carryall 2
DD    DS Electric, 48v, IQ System                                          QC    Carryall 6
DE    Villager 4, 48v, IQ System                                             QE    Villager 8 Plus
DG    Fairway Villager 4, Gas                                                 QG    Carryall 272 Gas
DS    DS Electric Golf Car, 48v, PowerDrive Series                QH    Carryall 472 Gas
E    Carryall 2, Electric, Electronic Controller                          QQ    Limousine 8, IQ Plus Controller
EA    Carryall 2 Electric Industrial Truck                                  QR    Limousine 6, IQ Plus Controller
EB    Carryall 2 Electric AC LSV                                              QS    Villager 6 Plus
EC    Carryall 2 Electric AC LSV                                              QT    Turf 2 Plus
ED    Carryall 6 Electric AC LSV, Homologated                       R    Turf 2 Electric (Electronic Controller)
EG    Carryall 2 Gas                                                                RD    Carryall 1500 2WD Gas
F    Carryall 1 Electric                                                              RG    Turf 2 Gas
FA    Carryall 1 Electric Industrial Truck                                   RK    Husqvarna 4221 XP AWD Diesel
FB    Carryall 242 Gas                                                             RL    Husqvarna 4221 XP AWD Gas
FC    Carryall 242 Electric                                                       RM    RSC 1550 AWD Diesel
FD    Carryall 1 48v, IQ Controller                                           RN    RSC 1550 AWD Gas
FG    Carryall 1 Gas                                                                RP    RSC 1550 SE AWD Diesel
FK    RT 850 SE Electric                                                         RQ    RSC 1550 IntelliTrak AWD
FQ    Villager 4, 48v, IQ System                                              RS    Bobcat 2200 AWD Homologated Diesel
FU    XRT 850 SE Gas                                                            RT    RSC 1550 AWD Gas
G    Tourall Electric 36v                                                           RU    Transporter XL Electric
GG    Tourall Gas                                                                      S    Turf 2 Electric (Electronic Controller)
H    Turf 1 Electric, Electronic Controller                                  SA    Bobcat 2200 SE AWD Diesel
HA    DS Electric Golf Car, 36v                                                SB    Bobcat 2200 SE AWD Gas
HD    Turf 1, 48v, IQ Controller                                                SE    Villager 6 Gas
HG    Turf 1 Gas                                                                      SF    Villager 8 Gas
J    Transporter & Carryall 6, Electronic Controller                  SK    Transporter XL Gas
JA    Carryall 6 Electric Industrial Truck                                   SL    Precedent i2 Gas
JB    Carryall 6 Electric AC LSV                                               SM    Precedent i2L Gas
JC    Carryall 6 Electric AC LSV                                                   SN    Precedent i2 4 Passenger Gas
JE    Precedent i2, High-Frequency Charger                                SP    Precedent i2 L2 Gas
JF    Precedent i2L, High-Frequency Charger                               SR    XRT 800 Gas
JG    Transporter & Carryall 6 Gas                                                SS    Carryall 232 Gas
JH    Precedent c2L 4-Passenger, High-Frequency Charger        SU    Precedent i2 Signature Gas
JJ    Precedent i2L L2, High-Frequency Charger                          SV    Precedent i2 Signature 4-Passenger Gas
JK    Turf 252 Electric, 48v, IQ Plus Controller                               SW    XRT 850 Gas
JL    Carryall 252 Electric, 48v, IQ Plus Controller                          SX    XRT 1550 SE AWD Gas
JM    XRT 900 Electric, 48v, IQ Plus Controller                              SY    XRT 1550 SE AWD Diesel
JN    Precedent i2 Signature, High-Frequency Charger                 SZ    Carryall 242 Gas
JP    Transporter 6 Electric, 48v, IQ Plus Controller                         T    Villager 4 Electric (Electronic Controller)
JQ    Transporter 6 Gas Key Start                                                   TA    Transporter 4 Electric
JR    Carryall 6 Electric, IQ Plus Controller                                      TG    Villager 4 Gas
JS    Transporter 4 Electric, 48v, IQ Plus Controller                         TS    Carryall 300 Gas
JT    Transporter 4 Gas Key Start                                                     TT    XRT 1550 AWD IntelliTrak
JU    Carryall 6 11HP Gas Key Start                                                VG    Turf 6 Gas
JV    Turf 6 11 HP Gas Pedal Start                                                   VR    Villager 2 LSV
JW    Precedent i2 Signature 4-Passenger, High F Charger               VS    Villager 2+2 LSV Electric
JX    Precedent i2 Stretch, High-Frequency Charger                        VU    Villager 2+2 LSV Homologated
JY    XRT 850 Electric                                                                           VV    Villager 2 LSV Homologated
JZ    XRT 850 Gas                                                                            XG    Turf 2 XRT Gas
K    Villager 6 Electric, Electronic Controller                                     XH    XRT 810 Gas
KA    XRT 950 4x2 Gas Prototype                                                     XL    Carryall 232 Gas
KB    XRT 950 4x4 Gas Prototype                                                   XM    Carryall 232 Electric
KG    Villager 6 Gas                                                                          XP    RSC 800 Gas
KX    XRT 950 4x2 Gas                                                                     XQ    RSC 810 Gas
KY    XRT 950 4x4 Gas                                                                     XS    RSC XRT 800 Electric
KZ    XRT 950EX 4x4 Gas                                                                   XT    RSC 810 Electric
L    All Earlier Limo Electric Vehicles                                                 XU    RSC XRT 900
LA    Limo Electric (Electronic Controller)                                          ZG    Carryall 2 XRT Gas
LB    Limo Electric (Regen)                                                                ZV    Transporter XLC Gas
LE    Limo II Electric (Replaced LB)                                                  ZW    Carryall 900 Gas
LG    Limo Gas                                                                                  ZX    Transporter XLC Electric
LH    Limo II Gas (Replaced LG)                                                       ZY    Carryall 900 Electric
LJ    Limo Electric (Asian Market)                                                      ZZ    Carryall 2 Gas

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