BRUTE Security-Medical-Handicap


Security-Medical- Handicap



 First Responder mini-ambulance EMT golf carts

Orange County Golf Carts Introducing it's own EMT Emergency Medical Vehicles                                              Golf Cart ambulance   BRUTE SERIES

Orange County Golf Carts Introducing it's own Golf Cart Wheelchair Trans Vehicles  ADA (BRUTE WC)

The Finest WheelChair ADA Utility Cart in the WORLD

 BRUTE Security Golf Carts

 Schools Malls Airports Campus

BRUTE "S"   SECURITY Car electric or gas

The right tools for the trade

These vehicles are perfect for: Air Ports,Malls,Schools,Fire Departments, Ambulance Services, Universities, Casinos, organizations who plan or do medical services for public events, Colleges, Stadiums, Amusement Parks, a Zoo, Military Bases, Academies, and many more... please call Diane 845-856-4440

 ALL BRUTE  Carts are built in the USA

BRUTE Security-Medical-Handicap