Diane Signature Series Cars

Own one of the most distinctive and stylish golf cars in the world

Introducing "DIANE" Signature Series   Limited Edition Signature Series by DIANE  Luxury Golf and Leisure Cars

   Worlds luxury Golf Yacht Desinger , DIANE is surging toward new horizons with a visionary strategy termed  “Golf Different,” launching an industry first.

Who says you can't have it all? Signature Series redefines traditional machines by bridging the gap between intimidation and confidence.

Each "Diane" Signature Series Street Rod is built to the customer's specifications. Hands-on craftsmanship assures you the most dependable performance available
on the custom market today. Whether you are an avid golfer, estate owner or streetrod buff who likes to "cruise in style", your "Diane" Signature Series Street Rod will
give you years of enjoyment.


Diane Signature Series Sreetrod
Diane Signature Garia Golf Cars

Garia the most authoritatively styled, decisively individual Golf Car of this generation.

"Limited Edition Signature Series by Diane"

In Stock

"Limited Edition FERRETTI Signature Series by DIANE"

                          The RAT OFF-X  Only by Diane

        Custom designed interior by "Diane"

 And finally as it’s always said, “it’s what’s on the inside that counts”. A custom designed interior by "Diane" is what separates a lacklustered mode of Golf Car interiors for a stylish reflection of personal panache. There are no limits to just how much luxury you can experience with swanky décors with high tech features. 

Your custom interior will be signed and numbered by "Diane". The leather seating  is designed to offer the utmost in luxury and comfort. Apparently, clients can also  participate creatively with the Diane designer’s team to conceive the personalised interior spaces built to their own specifications.

We specialize in leather that is the ultimate in both sophistication and style for domestic and import Golf Cars.. 
Multi-colored stitching, Embroidery, Embossing, and Two Tones graphics, inlays, etc., to tie in with your Golf Car paint scheme and/or your individual Golf Car style. 

All Species

    Alligator Leather
    Caiman Leather
    Crocodile Leather
    Eel Leather
    Elephant Leather
    Lizard Leather
    Ostrich Leather
    Python Leather
    Shark Leather
    Stingray Leather
    Exotic Leather
    Zebra Hides and Rugs

Add Seat Heaters....

*Soothing Lower Back Relief
*Warms the Back and Seat Areas Gently
*Provides Warmth In Minutes
*Relax in the comfort of a heated seat. Our Therapeutic Seat Heater features temperature control at the touch of a finger, and separate sensors for the back and cushion.

Designed for high reliability and safety, the Therapeutic Seat Heater provides so much comfort, you'll wonder how you got along without it!

Golf Car enthusiasts worldwide are striving for something different than comes off of the assembly line, and Orange County Golf Carts provides authentic exotic leather  that will truly customize your project with confidence.

Diane Signature Series Streetrods

Diane Signature Series Bar Cars

Diane's     RAT  OFF-X

Inspired by Mansory's luxurious conversions of the Mercedes Benz G-class, Garia and Mansory have taken one step further with their shared IAA 2015 show car.

Not content with enhancing interior and exterior parts Mansory and Garia decided to give the golf and leisure car a thorough technical update, turning it into a comfortable off-road vehicle.

With larger wheels, a wider track and new fenders it looks dramatically different than traditional Garia golf and leisure cars. Larger, more powerful brakes and a new transmission gearing ensures a swift and safe drive in combination with a large Samsung Lithium Battery Pack and uprated controller which results in faster accelerations than you would expect.

The Garia Mansory OFF-X features custom satin grey paint, clear coated carbon fibre parts, black leather seats and shiny bright green highlights. Custom dashboard knobs by Kussmaul in anodized, polished and painted aluminum completes the comprehensive modification inside. On the exterior the special leather gun-rack and spare-tire mounted on the roof structure sends a clear signal that this Garia can do more than any Garia that came before it.

DIANE Signature Series

1934 Roadster Streetrod



This one of a kind Streetrod Phaeton  White Diamond Pearl TriCoat DIANE Signature Series was custom designed by Diane  

1934 PHAETON Hard Top (Pre-Owned}

"Diane Signature Series" Metallic Blue Garia LSV


The multi-purpose 4-passenger version of the Garia Via is ideal for daily errands and quick commutes for you, your family, and friends. With rear seats elegantly integrated into the design, it looks great and is easy to ride.

Take the Garia Via straight from the golf course to your favorite shop or cafe. Street legal in the United States, the Garia Via is ideal for town or city commutes.

12"Chome Wheels : Speed Switch : Refrigerator : Carpet : HiFi am/fm/mx w/bluetooth : Heated windshield : Wiper/ washer & Interior Light : Oak Sport Seats


Available {Hard Top or Roadster}

Ask your Doctor if your heart is strong enough to test drive this Signature Series by Diane Luxury GARIA



The Garia Courtesy is multi-functional, electric, and very quiet vehicle designed and produced in Denmark. It's the ideal vehicle to transport you, and your guests.

Available in 6 seater or 4 seater versions (all 4 are forward-facing).

All of our vehicles are environmentally conscious, and have zero CO2 emissions.

Garia Courtesy Hard top or Roadster


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