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All LSV vehicles must meet all U.S. federal safety standards (FMVSS 500) which require a registered VIN number, automotive safety windshield glass, safety belts, turn signals, headlamps, brake lights, horn, mirrors, reflex reflectors, a parking brake and a rear view camera. They also must meet state and local laws which can include windshield wipers and warning beacons.

In addition to federal, local and state laws the Society of Automotive Engineers created a voluntary industry standard for LSVs with SAEJ2358 LSV. This voluntary safety standard includes additional detailed requirements.

Club Car LSVs meet not only FMVSS500 LSV standards but also fully comply with the more stringent automotive SAEJ2358 standards with the inclusion of Occupant Protective Structures on all cars.

Carryall 510 LSV

 LSV (NEV) Street Legal Package

Get the performance of a full-size truck combined with the economy and nimbleness that only a Club Car can deliver. The Carryall 510 LSV adapts to any situation, with street-legal power and one of the shortest turning radius in its class – making this the perfect vehicle for narrow city streets and campus-like environments.

With an all-electric power train, the Carryall 510 LSV needs no fuel and has zero emissions – saving you money – but still provides speeds of 25 mph and up to 30 miles on a single charge. It’s tough and reliable, and an ideal solution for those who need the capabilities of a truck and the versatility to navigate tight spaces.

Carryall 510 LSV Street Legal
Carryall 510 LSV Street Legal
Carryall 510 LSV Street Legal
Carryall 510 LSV Street Legal
Carryall 510 LSV Street Legal
Carryall 510 LSV Street Legal
Carryall 510 LSV Street Legal
Carryall 510 LSV Street Legal
Carryall 510 LSV Street Legal
Carryall 510 LSV Street Legal
Carryall 510 LSV Street Legal
Carryall 510 LSV Street Legal
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golf cart rear seat  (1)

Smart. Nimble.

This street-legal, low speed utility vehicle is both tough and nimble. Driven by a 48-volt battery pack and a 400-amp solid-state controller, the Carryall 510 LSV delivers a total vehicle capacity of 950 lbs. (430 kg) and still fits into narrow spaces without issue.

It also features a smart onboard charger with reel retractor that prevents common user errors and allows for opportunity charging. And its rustproof, corrosion-resistant, aircraft-grade aluminum frame knocks any notion of rust on its head.

Use it to haul equipment in the morning and run off-site errands in the afternoon – without needing to top off the long-lasting battery.

510 lsv club car
510 lsv club car


The Carryall 710 LSV does everything a full-size pickup can do – and more. It’s powerful and perfectly sized, with a nearly 6-foot long cargo bed and 1,250-pound total vehicle capacity, yet has the ability to maneuver into tight spaces where larger vehicles just can’t travel.

Carryall 710 LSV is a truck without the price, thanks to an environmentally-friendly, zero-emissions, all-electric powertrain that is economical to operate while delivering 21 peak horsepower and a top speed of 25 mph – and an on-board charger that equips you with the power to tackle almost any job.

710 lsv club car
710 lsv club car
carryall 700
carryall 700
710 lsv
710 lsv
Carryall 710 street legal
Vehicle Specifications for Electric Carryall® 710 LSV Super Brute
Optional upgrades may not be reflected


CONTROLLER 400 Amp - Solid State

HORSEPOWER (RATED) 4.4 hp (3.3 kW), Peak 16 hp (11.7 kW)

TRANSMISSION Direct drive, double reduction helical gear

GEAR SELECTION Forward/Neutral/Reverse

GEAR RATIO 12.32:3

BATTERY Eight (8) - 6 V Flooded Lead Acid

CHARGER DeltaQ QuiQ (1KW High Frequency)

HEADLIGHTS Two 37.5 Watt Halogen

STEERING MECHANISM Self-adjusting Rack and Pinion

SUSPENSION - FRONT Independent leaf spring with dual hydraulic shocks

SUSPENSION - REAR Independent leaf spring with dual hydraulic shocks

BRAKES 4-wheel hydraulic disk/drum

PARK BRAKE Hand Operated, Multi-lock

BODY - FRONT & FINISH ArmorFlex with automotive paint/clearcoat

BODY - REAR Aluminum

TIRES - FRONT 205-65-10 6-Ply, DOT

TIRES - REAR 205-65-10 6-Ply, DOT

WHEELBASE 78.1 in (198.3 cm)

OVERALL HEIGHT 74.3 in (188.72 cm)

OVERALL LENGTH 137.5 in (349.3 cm)

BED LENGTH X WIDTH X HEIGHT (CARGO BOX) 64.5x47.5x10.5 in (163.8,120.6,26.6 cm)


TRACK WIDTH (FRONT) 34.6 in (87.8 cm)

TRACK WIDTH (REAR) 39.2 in (99.5 cm)

MAX WIDTH (W/O MIRRORS) 50.3 in (127.7cm)

TOTAL VEHICLE CAPACITY 1250 lbs (567 kg)

BED LOAD CAPACITY 850 lb (385.6 kg)

TOWING CAPACITY 1765 lb (800 kg)


SPEED 25 mph

WARRANTY 4 year limited battery warranty

WARRANTY 2 year/2000 hour limited warranty

Super Brute Utility Vehicle 

Zero Emissions

CPL cab

Digital instrument panel

Digital battery gage

Digital clock

21 peek hp AC motor

8 six volt HD batteries 

Drive one 15 and Drive two 25 mph

Cup holders

Cord reel with 15 ft charger cord

Onboard high frequency charger 

Halogen headlights 

Rear LED lighting,turn signal and horn

Back up camera 

12 volt power point 

Windshield wiper 

Windshield defrost 

Interior and side Mirror

Front license plate holder

DOT 6 ply tires

Four wheel hydraulic disc/drum brakes 

Hand parking brake 

Bright Blue front cowl

Grey bucket seats

DC-DC converter 25 amp

Locking glove door 

Reflector package

Pedal opening guard


Plus more 

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