These vehicles are a great fuel-efficient replacement for vehicles at Airports, Resorts/Hotels, Colleges/Universities,  Amusement/Theme Parks, Industrial Facilities, Sports Venues and Security Stations or personal on-off road use.

New and Pre-owned Golf Cars in Stock

All cars are Customizable

NEW BRUTE XRT800  In-stock

No vehicle in its class has better range, a better warranty, or is easier to operate. The XRT800 easily navigates narrow trails and wide open spaces, and its compact size allows it to go places other UTVs can’t – including the bed of a regular pickup truck. 

Ride in style and comfort with one of the most well-designed light-duty vehicles on the market. The two-wheel-drive XRT800 is ideal for cruising neighborhoods, lake-front property, small farms and tight paths. And it’s great for hauling, gardening and other tasks.

2020 XRT 800 order yours today gas and electric

Add Canopy.Windshield,Reae Seat

Call or email Diane 845-856-4440

BRUTE golf car
BRUTE golf car
BRUTE golf car

DIANE Signature Series

1934 Roadster Streetrod


Call Diane 845-856-4440 for the list of options on this car


  LSV (NEV) Street Legal Package 

Get the performance of a full-size truck combined with the economy and nimbleness that only a Club Car can deliver. The Carryall 510 LSV adapts to any situation, with street-legal power and one of the shortest turning radius in its class – making this the perfect vehicle for narrow city streets and campus-like environments.

With an all-electric power train, the Carryall 510 LSV needs no fuel and has zero emissions – saving you money – but still provides speeds of 25 mph and up to 30 miles on a single charge. It’s tough and reliable, and an ideal solution for those who need the capabilities of a truck and the versatility to navigate tight spaces.

Carryall 510 LSV

Brand New 2018 In-Stock  call Diane now 845-856-4440

Shown with some options


1934 PHAETON Hard Top (Pre-Owned}

This one of a kind Streetrod Phaeton  White Diamond Pearl TriCoat DIANE Signature Series was custom designed by Diane  


Precedent Golf Cart
Precedent Golf Cart
Precedent Golf Cart
Precedent Golf Cart

Built on a Pre-owned  (great condition)

2015 Precedent 48 volt IQ 4 Seat

New Met Red Body-New Rear Fold Down Seat - New Head Light-New White Seats

BRUTE XRT 800 Electric


"Diane" Signature Series Streetrod Beverage Cart

            Diamond Pearl Candy Apple Red with 18ct Gold Flake


Holds 1/4 or 1/2 Keg or 240 cans plus cooler under hood


The Garia Courtesy is multi-functional, electric, and very quiet vehicle designed and produced in Denmark. It's the ideal vehicle to transport you, and your guests.

Available in 6 seater or 4 seater versions (all 4 are forward-facing).

All of our vehicles are environmentally conscious, and have zero CO2 emissions.

Add a Canopy and Windshield

XRT1550 with IntelliTach   DIESEL

Combine the world-class feature set of the XRT1550 with the revolutionary IntelliTach, our exclusive quick-change tool attachment system, and you have an industry-leading utility 4x4.

Built to withstand the punishment of rough terrain, the XRT1550 is designed to thrive in even the toughest conditions. From the lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum frame to the four-wheel, hydraulic disc brakes, the 1550 exudes confidence and quality.

And you won’t have to sacrifice comfort, either, thanks to our exclusive 13-position adjustable driver's seat and a front suspension with coil-over shocks that will enhance your ride and reduce tire wear.

Options included: HD Cab,Power Steering, Power Dump,  LED work Lighting, Mud Tires

ALL Wheel Drive

XRT1550 with IntelliTach 
Cafe Express Beverage Cart
Cafe Express Beverage Cart
Cafe Express Beverage Cart

{2019 DEMO} Café Express

We have two instock Please Call



XRT1550 with IntelliTach 
XRT 1550 IntelliTach 4x4 Diesel


The multi-purpose 4-passenger version of the Garia Via is ideal for daily errands and quick commutes for you, your family, and friends. With rear seats elegantly integrated into the design, it looks great and is easy to ride.

Take the Garia Via straight from the golf course to your favorite shop or cafe. Street legal in the United States, the Garia Via is ideal for town or city commutes.

"Diane Signature Series" Metallic Blue Garia LSV

XRT1550 with IntelliTach 

Push Broom-Forklift-Bucket-Power Angle Snow Plow

12"Chome Wheels : Speed Switch : Refrigerator : Carpet : HiFi am/fm/mx w/bluetooth : Heated windshield : Wiper/ washer & Interior Light : Oak Sport Seats


A New 2018 ( INSTOCK )

Now selling as a Demo (We used it around the house)

Call Diane Now

XRT 1550 IntelliTach Diesel



Pope Francis Popemobiles For Sale 

The two Precedent Stretch Limousine Golf Carts Orange County Golf Carts built for Pope Francis to use at the United Nations NYC are up for sale. Please email Diane for more info.

Ask your Doctor if your heart is strong enough to test drive this Signature Series by Diane Luxury GARIA

Mustang GT 350 golf cart
Mustang GT 350 golf cart
Mustang GT 350 golf cart


Built on a new Club Car DS IQ elec



Under hood and trunk coolers


5" Chopped Top

Base coat clear paint

10" Mag wheels

Carbon fiber dash and seat back

Tow hitch

Great and beautiful example of the true muscle car era. 1965 Shelby Mustang 350 GT




This Custom Club Car Precedent was built on a hand picked pre-owned Precedent IQ 48 volt electric car. Custom Sliver paint (base coat clear) New Trojan T-1275 batteries .

Please call Diane 845-856-4440 for more info and options that can be added

 Two or Four seats or add a Box

We have many in stock and in a few different colors. Call Diane 845-856-4440 for more info

Custom Precedent

Late Model Pre-Owned Club Car Precedent IQ

Dealer Certified Pre-owned Club Car DS IQ electric    Add a rear seat,EMT or box         PINK

PINK electric golf cart
PINK electric golf cart

Club Car DS Electric

48 volt electric golf cart with a fixed rear seat,canopy,windshield and lights


The evolution of the Precedent golf car line has earned industry accolades and inspired imitation industry-wide. Featuring the Excel™ Electric Drive System, the most advanced electric platform Club Car has ever built, the new Precedent  continues to raise the bar in performance, protection and styling.

golf car
golf car diane
golf car diane
Precedent Golf Cart
18 was
Precedent Golf Cart
Precedent Golf Cart

Now Building Rolls Royce

We can build it your way -- We also have two spare kits 4 sale

Rolls Royce Golf Cart
Rolls Royce Golf Cart
Rolls Royce Golf Cart
Rolls Royce Golf Cart

2019 & 2020 CARRYALL 500 Gas & ELECTRIC 

jack of all trades

One of the most versatile work utility vehicles on the market, this ride has the power to replace pickup trucks at a fraction of the cost.

With a total vehicle capacity of 1,200 lbs (544 kg), it tackles heavy work without breaking a sweat.  Available with gasoline or zero-emissions electric powertrains

It features a rustproof aircraft grade aluminum frame, chassis and cargo box along with best-in-class ergonomics. From its sturdy front bumper to its flatbed cargo box with industrial van box options, the Carryall 500 is the perfect solution for your industrial and commercial jobs.

Rolls Royce Golf Cart
Rolls Royce Golf Cart
Rolls Royce Golf Cart
club car villager
Club Car Pathway
Two seat Pathway with cargo box,
New old stock NOS
Call Diane 845-856-4440 for all info and price
Club Car Pathway
Four seat Pathway
Call Diane 845-856-4440 for all info and price

48 volt electric 4 wheel brakes all lights

Club Car Villager Six Gas

Built on a pre-owned for The Allstar FanFest NYC

A late model DS

club car villager

Club Car DS IQ Electric


We have this pre-owned  and two 2019 Demos 

2018 Demo "TEMPO" GAS


Add Cab-Van Box-Rear Seat-EMT,Beverage unit


We can add a rear seat or a cargo box

golf cart
golf cart
golf cart

Gas or Elec  Powered Late Model Precedent with black enclosure

Buy with or without enclosure

Order your cart in any Color you like

Call or Email Diane to order yours 845-856-4440

golf cart
golf cart
golf cart

Can be a four seat or add a box or a EMT

General Lee Golf Cart
Bo" Duke (John Schneider) Dukes of Hazzard
General Lee Golf Cart
General Lee Golf Cart

General Lee 01 Sports a full 5" chopped top new bodies,decal kit. Duke Boys Horn

List of options a mile long can be added. Painted base coat clear by Orange County Automotive Pine Island NY.
Built on a very low time  Club Car DS. Sold with New Trojan T 1275

  Autographed by "Bo" Duke (John Schneider) Dukes of Hazzard

      Used in a Rap Video by Rappers Jean Wyclef and Skiff and   Autographed by both

golf cart
golf cart

General Lee

Club Car DS Gas Golf Cars

         Pre-Owned Reconditioned

Precedent 4Fun

Double your pleasure with the Precedent 4Fun, Club Car's first four-passenger golf car. You get more of everything–four forward-facing seats, attachments to secure four golf bags, and even more cup holders–to make golf outings more social than ever.

The 4Fun was designed in conjunction with PGA of America and Get Golf Ready, the industry’s grow-the-game program designed to attract new people to the game and bring former golfers back to the sport. It's great for couples, families, women's groups and business outings.

We Have a NEW 2020 Green Electric with Lights in Stock

general lee golf cart Jean Wyclef
Jean Wyclef and Skiff
general lee golf cart Jean Wyclef
General Lee Duke Boys Golf Cart
General Lee Duke Boys golf Cart
6 seat golf cart
6 seat golf cart

Club Car Precedent Stretch 6-Passenger

These  Stretch cars are built on a late model Club Car Precedent IQ 48 volt cars. Custom painted 

Call or Email Diane to order yours 845-856-4440

Many of these stretched cars instock

            Both gas and electric

CC DS & Precedent Poly Dump Box Kits

Golf Cart with Box
Golf Cart with Box
Golf Cart with Box

We have many box kits in-stock please call

6 seat golf cart
golf cart rear box
carryall golf cart

Club Car Carryall 6 Electric Pre-owned

Sold with or without side racks

We can also make this a six seat with fold down rear seat

carryall golf cart

Club Car Carryall 6 Elec

Built on a  Experienced Pre-owned CC golf car
Add canopy,lights,stoage box's

Club Car Precedent EMT Marine


Call or Email Diane to order yours 845-856-4440

This NASCAR #8 Dale Jr

This NASCAR  built on a pre-owned gas Club Car DS with OEM 4" lift

Club Car Transporter XL
Club Car Transporter XL

XRT 800/810 CLONE Kits and Carts

Change your DS into this or buy one from us.

New Cargo Van Box 

Fits Club Car Carryall

Add a canopy and windshield. Cab-Van Box-Rear Seat-EMT-Food Box

Carryall 252 Utility Cart
Carryall 252 Utility Cart

New Transporter XL Gas


Canopy & Windshield

Rear Seat

Rear Box

Rear Van Box

Wheel Chair kit

Center row seat

Long Flat Bed

Long Van Box

 Carryall 252 48 volt IQ Plus

Reconditioned Pre-Owned


All Aluminum with SS locking latches


2017 BRUTE 800 Electric (Pre-Owned)

2020 Carryall 300 Gas In-Stock

The Carryall 300 delivers unsurpassed maneuverability. A corrosion-resistant aluminum frame, rack-and-pinion steering, and 800-pound capacity make it the perfect UTV solution for your light-duty industrial and commercial jobs.

Custom Precedent Golf Car


2015 Precedent 48 volt IQ Golf Car

Pre-owned  (great condition)

Precedent Golf Cart
Precedent Golf Cart

GEM "Global Electric Motorcars"

GEM battery-electric vehicles are street legal in nearly all 50 US states on public roads posted at 35 mph (56 km/h) or less. With a top speed of 25 mph (40 km/h) GEM cars have a range of 30–100 miles (50–160 km) on a charge depending on the installed battery technology. They are battery-electric, operate on a 72-volt battery system and plug into a standard 3-prong 120-volt outlet for recharging, and fully recharge in six to eight hours.

We have this very low mileage (375 miles) Gem in Stock  It is Street Legal and will be sold with NEW Batteries


We have about seven GEMs that we took in on trade. Both two and four seats, All for sale 

Precedent Handy-Man Run-a-bout

48 volt IQ Electric A great little around the house handy man cart

Built on a very low time pre-owned Club Car Precedent